New Kent facilities

An image of a student in a study bedroom in Turing College
Turing college

As we leave the 50th year of Kent as a university, we notice the change and the development within our campus that is really elevating us to a higher level. Gone is the year of studying in the library surrounded by scaffolding, and looking at the result we can really say it was worth the wait.

The first big change to campus is that of the new college, Turing. Located next to Keynes, Turing College is made up of townhouses with 12 people living in them and flats made up of between six and eight students. The style of the flats are very similar to Keynes and the newly renovated Tyler Court but the townhouses provide a different style of accommodation for new students. Within this college there is also a new restaurant, Hut 8, that provides a takeaway service around campus after 10 pm and food before ranging from fish and chips to burgers. I personally had one of their burgers with Cajun sweet potato fries and couldn’t recommend it enough!

Another big change is that of the new extension to the Templeman Library. The new wing includes a lecture theatre, postgraduate study area, a silent area and a new library café. The library is the centre of not only the campus but of student learning so it is great to see the university investing so much money in creating the best possible facility for us.

An image of The University of Kent Templeman Library extension
Templeman Library

Cornwalis has also had an extension, providing four floors complete with study hubs for postgraduate students as well as all of the offices you need to contact with any problems, seminar rooms and even showers! The thing I like about this year at the University of Kent is that it feels as though the campus is trying to offer us, as students, the best possible facilities.

As Kent as a university is entering the rankings for top universities in the country, even being shortlisted for ‘University of the Year’, it is nice to see our education is not suffering but being enhanced in every corner of the campus, with the new Kent Business School and Law school work also underway it is safe to presume we will soon be competing with the best of the best in universities.


This post is by Oli McVeigh