Things to do during your first few weeks at university

An image of students on Kent campus

It’s taken some time but you’ve finally settled into university, found most of your lecture rooms, visited the on campus clubs and bars a few too many times and even walked in circles around the Parkwood foot path. What if I told you there were some basic things you missed out on?

First, visit the library. Like many, I myself underestimated the library. What could be more of a maze then Rutherford? The library! With countless renovations and hundreds of freshers running around; it is a good idea to try and grasp the class mark system plus having a rough idea of where your course textbooks are.

An image of Origins Restaurant at the University of Kent
Origins restaurant

Second, Visit Essentials (the student union shop). You always walk past Essentials but are put off by the snaking queue? Don’t worry, our Kent union staff will get you served asap so waltz right in there and memorise where everything is (basically where to find the pot noodles…).

Third, learn where all the places to eat are. Ever been hungry but burnt toast or a sandwich isn’t good enough? Feast on burgers from Mungoes, demolish a chocolate cake from Woodies and get your jaws into the ribs from Origins. Only problem? You don’t know where they are. Take a walk around campus one morning, follow the signs, be a tourist and get an oversized map or just google maps it like the rest of us. Do this and you’ll never go hungry again.

Finally, join a society. Freshers fayre has passed but that voice in your head keeps whining “you should have joined the blog society! You could play badminton! You would be great at baking!” Find their Facebook or UKC page and send them an email. Societies are always looking for new sign ups and lets face it, you can never have too many drinking buddies.

An image of The University of Kent Templeman Library extension
The University of Kent Library

Take this advice and I assure that you will never run out of snacks, never have no idea where to go for chocolate cake, never run out of drinking buddies or not know how to find that ever so important textbook again!

Happy Reading,

Mario Elia 🙂

This post is by Mario Elia