Reflections and ambitions for the coming academic year

An image of university of Kent students in the library

Hello everyone, I would like to tell you about my previous year at the University of Kent and my ambitions for my third and final year.

My second year was great because I was able to explore a greater number of topics that I found interesting. This included restorative justice and victimology. I also learnt a lot about a topic that I had extremely limited knowledge on and by the end of the module, I had clear ideas about the issues this presented in the criminal justice system both historically and in the present, as well as the policy implications. At the same time, being a perfectionist meant that I was not coordinating my workload as effectively as I could have.

In my final year I am looking forward to improving upon my work style in order to enjoy the topics I am studying further. Additionally, I am eager to study the new modules which I have chosen for this year. Some of which I have studied on a rather small scale as part of modules in my previous two years. Others which I have limited knowledge on. I am pleased to have the opportunity to both learn more about topics that I find interesting and to be challenged to write on relatively new topics. It is great to be able to further my knowledge on issues regarding the criminal justice system.

This year I am intending to keep to a study planner. The student learning advisory service give them out free and you can break tasks down and note when you are going to work on them. So, for example, with my assignments I will have time allotments for each module’s assignments (as you often have several assignments at any one time, although there is usually a difference in the deadlines, you still need to start early). This will allow me to focus on the allotted activity at the selected time and work on that effectively. Furthermore, I am going to keep a better track of all the readings that I have looked at, even if I do not think I will use them because in the past I have spent a long time looking for reference details of readings that I remembered the content of but had not bookmarked.

Over the summer, among other things, I have been volunteering, as well as working further on my writing.

This post is written by Lucy Ann Smith