Wisdom to get you through first year

An image of a student kitchen
The kitchen is your friend

The thought of moving to university can be daunting: you have to budget money, cook meals and wash clothes. Sure, some people have the uncanny ability to carry out everything listed above; for the others like me – here is some wisdom to get you through the year.

Wisdom 1– If you can read, you can cook

There are two types of students – Jamie Oliver and pot noodle. As different as they seem, one thing they share is needing to follow a recipe. Whether it’s five pages on how to cook the perfect lasagne or to add hot water to noodles, it’s a recipe. As ashamed as I am to admit it, I hadn’t cooked a single meal before university but I survived and am here writing this post today. I simply read the packet and tah dah! Instant meal! (Not to worry, I can properly cook now).

Wisdom 2 – Learn how to use a washing machine before coming to uni.

Washing, there’s no denying it’s a chore and the more you put it off, the more you have to do. Some students went to the extent of buying new socks in an attempt to postpone their washing (wasn’t me I swear). The reason I tell you to overcome your fear of using a washing machine is so you aren’t one of those students standing in the laundrette staring at the washing machine… then inevitably calling mummy for help.

Wisdom 3 – Money is no object.

Budgeting your money is key for surviving in life, never mind just university. For those of you who haven’t mastered this skill just yet and spend reckless amounts on clothes throughout the year… please stop. For some (like my brother) it takes reaching cold hard nothing to realise money is not just a number on mobile banking.

Getting friends to monitor your spending, hiding money or receiving it in allowance like increments; learning how to budget is a necessity.

Side note – Contactless is a trap! With a pin you think about your spending whilst you punch in the digits. Contactless is easy and lets fact it, addictively fun (especially whilst intoxicated).

You will be surprised at how independent you become at university so if you are not quite there yet, don’t worry. Just remember, adapt or die 🙂

“May the odds for ever be in your favour” – The Hunger Games.


This post is by Mario Elia