Infecting your new room

An image of a student bedroom at the University of Kent
Bjork’s bedroom

Let’s face it, for the majority of you, your uni room is going to be significantly smaller than your current luscious passion pit, so you are going to need to be exceptionally creative with your packing. Not only do you want to reduce parental annoyance by fitting everything into one car (1 car=1 trip for them), but there is just no feasible way you can live AND have all our stuff in one room. From experience it’s better to bring less than too much, the likelihood is you’ll be going home for Christmas anyway, so you can grab those essentials you left behind!

An image of a student bedroom at University of Kent
Bjork’s bedroom

The aim for your room is to make it your own personal sanctuary; whether it’s a little piece of home smacked into Canterbury or a new vibe for a new you (that was so bad, please excuse the cheese), you need that stability and place to call your own. This environment is vital for productivity during the year and easing the initial feelings of homesickness (if you get that sort of thing and are not one of the people celebrating fleeing from their parent’s authority). Personally my comfort craze is pillows. I can proudly say that in my uni room I had 9 allowing me to flop after a long day or to cuddle them when I’m feeling lonely. This cuddling option includes a guy, that’s right; both genders share this tender relationship with pillows.

Before you come make sure you invest or tactically pinch a coin jar from home. You’re going to be wearing clothes and hence you will need to wash them. The washing machines and driers take coins only and don’t give change so you need all the variations of change you can possibly get (excluding coppers of course but I guess you can pay for your coffee with them when you’re running low on funds).

 An idea is to invest in a futon or roll-able mattress that will fit underneath your bed. I know it’s taking up costly space that could be used for things that you will forget about and never use, but ultimately it saves you sharing a bed with your duvet hugging friend when they come to visit and gives your parent’s somewhere to stay if one of them drops you off after Christmas and Easter. Alternatively after a boozy night and someone is stranded with you at your house, you can give them a cushion off the ground to sweat their alcohol into during the night; the single best way to make friends the morning after. Be kind, be confident, be creative.

This post is by Bjork Aston