Xercise Factor 2017 – update

The courageous Kent Sport Xercise Factor participants are halfway through their fitness journey. All eight succeed boot camp and have moved on to the next part of the challenge. Check out each participant’s blog post on the Xercise Factor web page. Here are a few of their comments:


The last couple of weeks have been really exciting. I have been working towards my goal of losing weight, toning up and reducing body fat all with the help of my amazing trainer Liz! Amarah

Those past weeks of the boot camp I have been in one of the most active periods of my life and I am glad to say I enjoyed every moment and learned a lot. Razvan

One thing I liked and enjoyed the most about week one was the 1-to-1 session with Darius. I worked so hard and pushed my body to do things I thought weren’t possible and he is so supportive, he always told me I could do it. Belinda

Ben has been incredibly helpful in pushing me and telling me not to underestimate how much I can lift. Therefore, I have been pushing myself harder and harder. Hana

I have already gained more confidence to squat heavy and am really enjoying trying to master the art of pull ups. Claire

I am very grateful for the opportunity so far, I have learnt so much but I have so much I would love to continue to achieve. Sarah has been a great mentor and I enjoy meeting her several times a week, in the gym and on the tennis court. She keeps me motivated and is always there for advice and help. Amy

The Xercise Factor has been keeping me more active, plus training with Laetitia has been a fantastic experience. Chitlada

Xercise Factor has been exactly what I needed to kick start my journey to a happy and healthy life! I can’t thank the Fitness team enough for giving me the chance to prove myself. Mariah

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