UV sports night returns!

Join us for a night of sports in the dark!

Have you ever wondered how you could make your favourite sport that little bit more fun? Well, turn off the lights, throw on some UV paint and grab your glowsticks and you’ve got UV sports! Still not sure what UV sports are? Check out the event on YouTube.

UV sports night takes place on Saturday 25 November at the Sports Centre and includes:

Main Hall
6pm to 7pm Ultimate frisbee
7pm to 9pm Volleyball
6pm to 9pm Badminton and table tennis

Hall 2
6pm to 7.30pm Women’s basketball
7.30pm to 9pm Men’s basketball

Hall 3
6pm to 7.30pm Football
7.30pm to 9pm Handball

Tickets cost just £2 and give you access to all the sports! Book online or buy at the Sports Centre reception beforehand or on the night. Be sure to book early as spaces are limited.

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