The return of the #KentSportagram

The #KentSportagram is back! From the 25 November to 8 December we will be posting daily video clues on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @UniKentSports. Simply figure out the first letter of each clue, every day will bring you a step closer, and solve the Christmas anagram!

Send you answer to:

  • Facebook message @UniKentSports
  • Instagram message @UniKentSports
  • Twitter DM @@UniKentSports
  • Email

There are three amazing prizes up for grabs for a student, staff member and a sports team. Both the winning student and staff will receive a £25 prize and the winning sports team will win £100 to purchase equipment for their club!

So keep an eye out for the clues on our social media pages. Can you crack the #KentSportagram?

Visit for terms and conditions.

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