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Tamira Nthuku


Trainer: Liz

2019 lifestyle goals:

  • Maintain healthy lifestyle
  • Lose fat
  • Eat clean and dairy free


Progress so far:

I’m currently in week 3 of the Xercise Factor and it has been an amazing but challenging experience so far. My trainer Liz has introduced me into circuit training, which has been excitingly new but has pushed me to work harder. We’ve also been looking into healthy eating ideas, and we have made some substitutes into my diet like brown rice and pasta. I’m excited to see what the rest of this journey holds.


Final blog post

The past 6 weeks have been an incredible experience! Every week I felt challenged in the workouts that my trainer Liz trained me through. The workouts changed every week, which always had me curious of what was to come next. One of my favourite sessions was the arms workouts, as I was not used to working on them so it was great being supported whilst working on something new. Through the program, I have managed to lose 11cm from my waist, coming down from 123cm to 112cm. Also, my arms have reduced by 6cm from 38cm to 32cm. I feel stronger and more energetic thanks to this program. Most importantly I have to give a big thanks to my trainer Liz! I’m so thankful for her help and I’m glad I got a chance to be trained by an amazing trainer.


A note from Liz:

Tamira has worked really hard on this year’s X Factor. Tarmira has made changes to her life style. She has increased her time she exercises a week, and has also made changes to her diet. Tamira is now working out three to four times a week, taking part in a gym workout, as well as kick boxing.

She has lost an unbelievable amount around her waist and legs. When Tamira had her sessions with me, she put in 100% effort.

Well done Tamira

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