Sylwia’s Xercise Factor diary – week five

Now approaching the end of the Xercise Factor competition, the participants have been working hard to make it count. Let’s see how Sylwia got on in week five:

I can’t actually believe how quickly the Xercise Factor has gone by! Feels like only yesterday I was discussing my goals with Mike. This experience has definitely given me the motivation I have always lacked, and now that I’m getting fitness results, I will not be giving up; this is my new lifestyle! My one-to-one sessions pushed me to the edge by a mile, multitasking and jumping backwards was not my thing, but it’s part of the routine now.

As far as training by myself went, I have always done more than my plan because as the days went on, I felt capable of doing much more. Also it was fun getting my friends involved and giving them a few tips ‘pretending I was an expert’ surely worked though, as they still listen to me now!

I have the Xercise Factor because even when I was at my lowest with the flu and a messed up knee I refused to give up, I worked harder and dedicated myself more + I’m on track to reach my goals. Regardless the result, in my eyes I’m a winner already because I beat my old attitude towards fitness and gained the motivation that I needed and that’s all that I really wanted from this.

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