Razvan’s Xercise Factor – the final

When I first found out about Xercise Factor, from a poster at the entrance to the gym, I was intrigued by the concept and I submitted the application on the last day, but without much expectation as I wasn’t sure I was the proper person to join such a competition. When I received the email confirming my acceptance, I set a goal in my mind to do and learn as much as I can and I think I accomplished that.

By being a very competitive person, I started my own competition with the lazy me. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I was always a figure dedicated to sport, but that doesn’t mean I was leaving a healthy lifestyle. I was eating badly and too much and even though I was practising lots of sports, I couldn’t feel the effects and my morale was draining. My trainer Lefty designed a gym program especially for me and encouraged me to follow a diet. His influence was the best part of Xercise Factor, his very everlasting positive and cheerful mood helped me increased my morale to continue this competition. I started eating better and less and I am not afraid to say that I felt the boost of energy after just a few days.

As for the exercise part, usually I attended the gym around three times a week, focusing mostly on cardio as my overweight problem hunts me the most. Apart from the time spent in the gym, I started running outside, playing football, basketball and Quidditch once a week and I dedicated most of my sport time to handball, a sport I picked up for the first time this year but with whom I feel an unbreakable bound. I attended a competition a few weeks ago and the nationals are just one week away so my preparation time had to be increased. Unfortunately, I couldn’t have enough time to practice karate at the level I wanted to but hopefully soon I will step in the dojo with the same smile I did for 10 years back in Romania.

To wrap it all, I need to answer the question: “Why I have the Xercise Factor?”

In order to do that, first of all I need to ask myself if I think I have it.

The answer is yes.

But why? To do that I have to go back to my application form and see what were my goals back there. On one hand, I wanted to be more active, thing that happened for certain. Exercising became a routine in my weekly schedule and I am glad to say I have never been more active. On the other hand, I wanted to lose some weight. Even though the results were not as spectacular as desired, I am sure I am on the right track and the visible results are on their way. But above all, I declared that I want to be proud of the man in the mirror, and I most certainly am. I proved myself that this boy can and that the psychological barrier I had against going to the gym can be shattered. Every time I think about playing one of the sports I love I smile and every time I think about giving up, I remember why I am here and which is my goal, an attitude which will benefit me in every area I want to develop. For all the reasons listed above, I consider I have the Xercise Factor and I want to thank everyone involved in this experience for giving me a chance and for believing in me.

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