Mariah’s Xercise Factor – the final

This has been such an incredible experience. I explored parts of the gym I never thought I would venture into; I found strength within me to push myself further than I thought possible. I’ve also noticed a significant change to my daily habits, little things that’ll help continue my fitness.

I’ve also found a renewed sense of health, choosing better-for-you snacks and taking the time to prepare meals (which I’ve always loved to do anyway, just finally ramped it up!). What I love about eating healthy is that I don’t labour over it. This challenge has helped me retrain my brain to want to eat healthily with the occasional indulgence. In the past, I’ve cut out every ‘naughty’ food and ended up falling back into old habits. Now, I eat what I like, but take a few seconds to think about it. Simple steps = big changes.

I have the Xercise Factor because I’d made some serious lifestyle changes for the long-haul. I know I won’t feel right if I ‘skip’ a training day, Mike’s instilled it in my brain that I not only need but want to get in the gym and to do those last reps that I only think I can’t do. Xercise Factor has given me the drive and courage needed to fix old habits and develop new ones. The best part is that I’ll be able to show my children that this is the way to be, not sedentary and tired. But up and active, ready to take on challenges.

A big shout out to Mike, because not only did he help me realise my goals, but he gave me the tools to becoming a better fitness role model in my family. Thanks for everything, Mike!

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