Hana’s Xercise Factor – the final

I know I have the Xercise factor because I have put in every ounce of strength and effort I have into this challenge. I started of feeling intimidated and worried about stepping into the pit to squat and deadlift heavy weights but now nothing can stop me loading up the bar and challenging myself. A few months ago if I had been asked if I would ever be Olympic lifting I would of probably run in the opposite direction and probably jumped on the cross trainer or done free weights. Every callous, bruise, post leg day struggle walk and achy upper body has been worth it.

One main goal of mine was to avoid looking at the scales and not to worry about my weight. Prior to training with Ben, I would constantly be checking the scales and disappointed with my weight. I weighed a solid 53kg and how some may say my weight was low, to me those figures were daunting when I used to weigh 47kg last year. However, I began to look at the facts that at 47kg I was not happy, I was not eating enough and not exercising at all. I have not checked the scales since and frankly, I do not care how much I weigh. At the end of the day, I feel stronger, happier and healthier as I am.

The Xercise factor was a chance for me to learn the proper form and new techniques to incorporate into my regular workouts.  My six weeks flew by and I am really sad it has come to an end, and in all honesty I have never noticed such a change in my body in this six weeks than I have in my six months at the gym. Stubborn fat I have had for years have slimmed down with incorporating heavy weights as well as increasing my ab workouts. I feel more confident in my body and coming into the pit on a regular basis, I have made close friends with some of the female lifters who are always happy to spot me or help me with my form.

Hana’s Xercise Factor video 1 of 2

Hana’s Xercise Factor video 2 of 2

I started of not knowing how to squat of deadlift; Ben was very patient with me and focused mainly on getting my form correct to avoid injury. With his training and increasing my workouts, I jumped from 10kg to 45kg in squatting, and 15kg to 50kg in deadlifts in five weeks. As well as powerlifting, I have learnt to Olympic lift. This by far is my favourite thing I have done so far in the gym, I started on the Tuesday of my last week of Xercise factor and practice every day with my gym partner Laura (who joined me in my Olympic lifting session with Ben). I absolutely love Olympic lifting as I see it as a true test of strength and power.

I feel to be the Xercise factor winner you need to be an individual who is in love with fitness yet is able to balance their life comfortably around. As well as doing the Xercise factor, I am President of belly dancing and a final year biology student. I had thought doing this competition would’ve put a strain on my studies but in fact it has made my life relatively relaxing. Pushing myself harder and learning new skills alongside completing my dissertation and choreographing dances is a sense of relief and escape from my mad third year life. And even if I had not toned up or seen a change in my body, the experience was invaluable and I feel so much stronger.

I know I will continue lifting and going to the gym even after this challenge is over. I have learnt so many new skills and feel truly proud of myself.  Thank you so much for choosing me to take part in this challenge.

To the left in the black was the 5/2/2017, the day before I started the Xercise factor. To the left is 3/2/2017, almost a month after. The progress is little but I am really proud of what change there is.


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