Time to crown another ‘Fit 4 the Beach’ champion!

'Fit 4 the Beach' winner, Rachel McCrea with fitness instructor Chris Payne
‘Fit 4 the Beach’ winner, Rachel McCrea with fitness instructor Chris Payne

This year’s Kent Sport ‘Fit 4 the Beach’ winner is Dr Rachel McCrea, Statistics Research Associate at the School of Mathematics, University of Kent.

‘Fit 4 the Beach’ challenges Kent Sport members to complete an intensive five-week fitness programme that’s tailored to each individual. Again this year, there was a nice twist in the application process, asking for a beach themed self-portrait!

During the five week programme, the chosen few were pushed to their limit, with one-to-one guidance and support from the fitness team.

After recovering from the initial shock of being chosen for ‘Fit 4 the Beach’, Rachel feared what her fitness instructor, Chris Pain Payne, would put her through. The reality was realised as she found herself using equipment she had never even seen before, fondly naming one as a torture device!

With weeks of hard work and determination, Rachel completed the challenge and has even expanded her fitness regime to include new activity levels with her family.

Asked how she’s found the overall experience, Rachel said, “This has been the most amazing experience. I have lost 4kg (so far) and it has transformed not only my fitness levels, but the activity levels of the whole family. We run twice a week, go on a family swim once a week and I go to the gym once a week. I am signing up for my first 10km run later in the year to set myself a target to work towards. Thanks for everything, Chris!”

Chris said: “It’s been a pleasure working with Rachel during the five-week ‘Fit 4 the Beach’ competition. Rachel has adopted a brilliant attitude from day one, and as a result this has contributed to the excellent training sessions we have had and her improved fitness and lifestyle changes. I wish Rachel and her family a healthy and fit future.”

Well done to all the participants and again congratulations to Rachel, ‘Fit 4 the Beach’ champion 2014, from the Kent Sport team!

‘Fit 4 the Beach’ is an annual event open to all Kent Sport members. Look out for its return in Summer 2015.

Did you know? Tailored fitness assessments and personal training programmes are available to members at any time. If you’re interested in arranging your own fitness assessment, call 01227 82 3623.

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