Do you have the Xercise Factor?

Competition now underway

If you’re worried about sticking to resolutions in the post-seasonal break, then we can help keep you on track. Our exciting Xercise Factor competition will kick-start your fitness goals for the new year. The program, which is open to all Kent Sport members, offers free one-to-one training over six weeks with the goal of improving your health and fitness lifestyle. After applying, if successful, you will be guided by one of our qualified fitness instructors and given specific advice and personal training to help achieve your goals. The participant deemed to have embraced the program the most will be crowned Xercise Factor 2020 champion.

The contestants

Diana Adamczyk

Trainer: Gavin

Exercise / fitness history:

I have been quite a fit individual. I have done dance from a very young age and I used to always make an effort to go to gym classes. I love the social aspect of sport and how I used to feel accomplished and less stressed after exercise. I mostly do exercises with my body weight rather than gym equipment.

2020 lifestyle goals:

Last year I injured my knee (I fell off monkey bars… and tore my ACL). I recently had surgery and so I had to stop doing the activities I love most. It has been very difficult for me to accept this slow down in my physical ability. I hated lying in bed all day and not being able to walk. I am recovering well, I have been to the gym twice since coming back and now want to regain my confidence in the gym, regain lost muscle and movement/flexibility. I keep on having to remind myself not to compare myself to the other people around me as everyone is at different stages of their fitness journey, and I believe I can get back to a regular exercise routine.

I would like a regular gym routine as I sometimes lack structure in my life and so a committed timeslot for the gym will help me to plan my time and maintain my wellbeing as exercise is a good outlet for the stress of studying in my final year at university.

Tell us why you have the Xercise Factor:

I do not give up, and I have the drive to improve myself. I just need a little encouragement and guidance on a strategy to realise my exercise goals. I love exercise and sport generally, not only for the physical health benefits but the mental health benefits too. It’s a great way to bring people together, make friends, and support each other.

Nana Akua Boamah Osei

Trainer: Sarah

Exercise / fitness history:

I just started my fitness journey 2 months ago but I have been committed since the beginning of Spring term. I have no idea how to use weights and cable machines. I am aiming to lose weight. I can say I am new to fitness.

2020 lifestyle goals:

  • Workout and eat healthier
  • I want to grow stronger, challenge myself and grow in my fitness journey
  • I want to lose weight and maintain a good figure

Tell us why you have the Xercise Factor:

I have the Xercise Factor because I am committed to achieving my goals. I am dedicated and ready to grow.


Sarah Reed

Trainer: John

Exercise / fitness history:

  • Horse-riding 2-4 times per week, Pilates class every Tuesday evening, walk to and from work (0.6m x2) daily
  • I had a total hip replacement 5 February 2019 following 5 years of pain and movement impairment, which has revolutionised my mobility but my left leg is not yet back to full strength.
  • Although I would class myself as moderately active, I am at least 3st overweight (increasing).

2020 lifestyle goals:

  • I ride competitive, affiliated dressage. I would be a lot better at it and my horse would be much happier if I could shed some weight and improve my leg and core strength and balance.
  • To move up to and compete successfully at the next level of dressage (Medium)
  • To shed a significant amount of fat and increase my overall fitness
  • To regain the full strength in my left leg, following my hip replacement
  • To develop a healthier long term routine to maintain general fitness
  • To look less like a sack of potatoes on my horse!

Tell us why you have the Xercise Factor:

I have the Xercise Factor in that I know where I want to be and what I need to achieve and I know I can do it; I just need a little help. To do this at my age, following total hip replacement will provide very real encouragement to others who may feel change is out of their reach. I want, passionately, to achieve the goals set out above but pressures of work and daily stresses wear down motivation and make it hard to break the bad habits built up over time. Since the replacement of my hip, I promised myself that I would not take my body for granted again but I have not done well in sticking to that promise. I genuinely feel that one-to-one guidance, encouragement, and direction will do wonders to help me retrain myself into good habits and set me on the right path to achieving these goals. My personality is such that, once I can see myself starting to achieve, I will throw myself into a task in a desire to achieve even more. I am also very competitive, so the fact that this is a competition will be a significant boost to my motivation!

Sophia Ppali

Trainer: Adam

Exercise / fitness history:

I have been doing taekwondo for about six and a half years now and I recently started Karate as well (part of the clubs on campus). In the past, I used to be very active and visit the gym daily to do weightlifting but after a broken foot accident a year ago I stopped exercising often which caused me to gain a lot of weight as well as lose my stamina.

2020 lifestyle goals:

  • I would like exercising to become a part of my daily routine again. As a person who has suffered from mental health problems for years, exercise is my main way of relaxing. However, I lately struggle to find motivation, which is why this is my main goal for this year.
  • I also aim to win a silver or gold medal at the upcoming taekwondo Nationals. In the past, I have always managed to go to the semifinals but I always lose due to my stamina so I want to change that.
  • I would like to start competing in Karate
  • I would like to get back into weightlifting

Tell us why you have the Xercise Factor:

I am a very motivated and hardworking person and I always try my best to achieve my goals. Exercise is a big part of my life and I think through the Xercise Factor I could get the guidance I need to make it a daily ritual as well. Although I physically do not look very fit, I am strong and I have the will and power to try my best.

Katharina Scheuerer

Trainer: Liz and Kealy

Exercise / fitness history

I enjoy many different outdoor activities, like running, hiking and skiing and would say that I already live an active lifestyle. I was also part of a swimming team during my youth and was dancing a lot. As I lack technique, I  have never felt comfortable in the gym, where everyone seems to know what he or she is doing.

2020 lifestyle goals

My goal for 2020 is to finally feel comfortable in the gym and enjoy my training sessions. I hope to improve my technique and feel good about what I am doing. As the main goal, I would love to learn how to do chin-ups.


Suni Urquhart

Trainer: Laetitia

Exercise / fitness history:

Pole dance, gym, and flexibility.

2020 lifestyle goals:

  • Touch down on my front splits
  • Front-x on the pole
  • Gym four times a week consistently!

Tell us why you have the Xercise Factor:

I work hard to achieve my goals! When I want something I don’t give up until I achieve it and this year my goal is to lift, sweat and stretch my way to a fit and fantastic lifestyle!


You can follow the progress of the Xercise Factor participants through our Instagram page UniKentSports or by searching #XerciseFactor 

4 responses to “Do you have the Xercise Factor?

    Last week just like the previous weeks was great! Ive learnt so much from Sarah especially to keep going on through my last rep even if i my body is ready to give up. This has been one of the best experiences Ive had and Im ready to continue learning more and to set a strong foundation for my fitness journey!

    Last week’s session with Sarah was all about learning techniques and also learning how to use gym equipment that have always intimidated me. I can say for sure that this experience is an investment into my fitness journey! I no longer go on certain equipments thinking I am going to mess up! with the techniques Sarah is showing me , my confidence in the gym especially the weights section has improved so much!
    There is a lot of room for improvement still but i know my aim is progress and not perfection. With time I would be able to master all these techniques and continue which my fitness journey which surprisingly i have been able to consistently improve on sis January. I look forward to more sessions with Sarah!

    This week I had my first Xercise factor sessions with Sarah. I really enjoyed every session and tried out things I had never tried in my life such as boxing . One thing I have learnt in just a week is that I can do anything I set my mind to, including things I have never tried before. I am definitely inspired and determined to grow in strength and knowledge in fitness the weeks to come. This is a wonderful opportunity I have been offered and I am determined to make the most out of it and set a great foundation for my fitness journey. In just a week I have learnt that pain is only temporary and all you need to do is push yourself to finish that set and the feeling of accomplishment that follows after completing a set has an effect on every aspect of your life.

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