Belinda’s Xercise Factor – three weeks

In week one I was introduced to some exercises I hadn’t done before and some that I have done but when Darius showed me how to do them I realised I was doing it wrong the whole time.

Squats , lunges and deadlifts in particular were the ones I was completely doing wrong but when Darius showed me how to do a proper squat I found it challenging and not being able to do 10reps I found them so tiring and my legs just felt week I really thought I could not do up to 10reps but with Darius guidance I did manage to do it. I also attended Darius’ classes box master and spinning and I must say that even till date by the end of the session I’m out of breath definitely and I the first session of both classes I was  so tired and left feeling faint! But one thing I liked and enjoyed the most about week 1 is the 1 to 1 session with Darius, I worked so hard and pushed my body to doing things I thought weren’t possible and he is so supportive, he always told me I could do it and I feel like what I did in the 1 to 1 was so useful that I included it into my normal programs 1 & 2. The 60kg lift and push deadlift I really enjoy that and it’s shocking because I wouldn’t have thought that i would be doing more exercises than just cardio. Below is a picture of me in week 1. & also a picture of my spinning results! I like to see how many calories I burn, although it may not be accurate at least it gives me an estimate.


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