Rest stop for Little Amal at Kent Law Clinic

Little Amal paused for a rest at Kent Law Clinc today, during her visit to the Canterbury campus.

Little Amal, a 3.5m tall puppet of a young refugee girl, set out from Turkey’s Syrian border in July. She is a figurative representation of displaced children globally, many of whom have become separated from their families, and carries the message “Don’t forget about us”.

Produced by Good Chance TheatreThe Walk is an 8000km travelling festival of art and hope that aims to focus attention on the urgent needs of young refugees. Little Amal was designed and built by the Handspring Puppet Company, the world-famous creators of War Horse.

The University was invited to participate in The Walk because of its reputation for and prominent role in working towards a better future for detainees and refugees. It is the only UK university to host the project.

The Walk is a Good Chance Production presented by Good Chance, Stephen Daldry, David Lan and Tracey Seaward, and is directed by Amir Nizar Zuabi. It is produced locally by the University’s Institute of Cultural and Creative Industries (iCCi).