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Thrive – using gardening to change lives

  • At least one in four British adults will experience some
    kind of mental health problem in any one year.*
  • Prescriptions for anti-depressants are at record levels in
    England, with 50 million dispensed in 2012.*

“Research shows that gardening can change the way you feel. Ask any gardener why they enjoy this simple task and they will often say that “it makes them feel good”. The therapeutic value and feeling of wellbeing that people get from gardening, growing food and the outdoor environment, has a strong and positive impact on our physical and mental wellbeing.

Our research shows that gardening can help people through a specific period of difficulty in their lives. Gardening can help you get back on top of things and restore balance when it feels like your life is veering out of control. Gardening can help you feel happier, more confident and healthier.” (Gardening: The feel good factor. Thrive. 2015)

*Mental Health Foundation (2013)
*HSCIC (2013) Prescriptions Dispensed in the Community Statistics for
England (2002-2012), London: Health and Social Care Information Service