Kent Enterprise Trust

Kent Enterprise Trust (KET) is a charity which helps people get into or back into employment, education or training. The charity has been supporting people for over 30 years, working closely with many other local organisations. 

Kent Enterprise Trust based in Herne Bay, Kent are recognised for changing people’s lives by supporting people in their search for employment. The charity generates income from projects like Kent Enterprise House, grants, donations and fundraising events like the Harvest Moon Gala Ball.

They are passionate about creating real opportunities, and supporting people in overcoming individual challenges.

“We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to build confidence, learn and develop, improve their chances of employment and create a sustainable lifestyle. Anyone can come to benefit from our facilities and support  – if you’re out of work, a student, a volunteer or have health needs.”

KET are a key partner in KentCOG using and developing the site as a place for skills building and training for their beneficiaries as well as all other garden users. KET bring in expertise in gardening as well as funding through grants and fundraising and provide an access point to the space for community members that would normally face barriers in getting involved in a project like this.

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