Gina Mehmann

Switzerland The Kent MBA 2018 “Stay flexible in a fast changing world.” I am a Sales Assistant at Lombard Odier Asset Management Switzerland AG. My … Read more

Namiko Haruta

Tokyo – Japan The Kent MBA 2017 (Full-time) “Where there is a will, there is a way.”  As an Executive Secretary at a Japanese manufacturing … Read more

Fang Wang

Qinzhou City – China The Kent MBA 2017 (Full-time) “It is easier to achieve when there is a viable direction and goal.”  I have been … Read more

Adam Bissill

Kent – United Kingdom The Kent MBA 2017 (Full-time) “I am interested in starting my own business and moving into consultancy.” My background is predominantly … Read more

Marc Harris

UK, MBA 2019 “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.” – Voltaire By having a top-ranking business school such as the Kent Business School … Read more

Jack Moss

UK, MBA 2019 “Focus on being productive instead of busy.” – Tim Ferris I’ve always wanted to do an MBA. It is, rightly so, considered … Read more

Anuschka Natley

Kent – United Kingdom The Kent MBA 2018 (Part-time) “Good business is about understanding both parties’ needs enough so that all leave satisfied and able … Read more

Xiangwen Sun

London United Kingdom The Kent MBA 2017 (Full-time) “Be smart, be authentic and be diligent.”  I hold a Master’s in Civil Engineering from the University … Read more

Ziyaau Samad

Maldives, MBA 2019 “Some people think they’ve got nothing left to learn. Those people remain stagnant. But other people think they’re never done learning. They’re … Read more

Jing Guo

Anhui Province – China The Kent MBA 2017 (Full-time) “I hope to build a start-up in the education sector.”  I work for Silk Mandarin School, … Read more

Steve Oyebola

Lagos Nigeria The Kent MBA 2017 (Full-time) “Continuous self-development is essential.”  My most recent position is Project Coordinator at Watech Construction Ltd., London. I organise … Read more

Susie White

Kent – United Kingdom The Kent MBA 2018 (Part-time) “There is always room for individuality, so stand out and have a strong brand.” As Marketing … Read more

Clement Akran

Sierra Leone – Africa The Kent MBA 2017 (Full-time) “I spent a month in Liberia working with community leaders following the Ebola crisis.”  My most … Read more

Proko Chou

Taiwan The Kent MBA 2018 “Follow excellence, success will follow.”  Working in the IT profession, I have 10+ years of experience in Software Quality Assurance. … Read more