Peter Gough

Peter Gough

“A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new,” Albert Einstein.

I am currently the Head of Department for a county wide NHS data warehousing service.

I am particularly interested in making the large number of disparate NHS organisation work together in a joined up way to improve reporting and analysis for the good of the population of Kent. This has been my ongoing aim for a number of years.

Outside work, most of my time is spent ferrying kids around various clubs. I also coach and manage one of their football teams (Ramsgate FC under 12s) in the East Kent Youth League.

On a personal level I enjoy a bit of running and take part in events at marathon distance or above (including the North Downs Way 100 mile race in 2919) and help out with my local running club in Thanet.


  • Progressing from information analyst to head of department and leading a service that is respected across the county (and beyond) has been a major achievement for me.
  • I led the department in the design and implementation of the first national linked dataset that combined information from NHS, county council, fire service and more. This dataset and the research carried out from it have been nationally recognised.
  • I have been part of several project that have been nominated for various national awards including a Highly Commended outcome at the Health Service Journal awards

What attracted you to the Kent MBA programme and why?

Having looked at a few level 7 apprenticeships I felt that the Kent MBA programme was the best option.  I liked the idea of on campus teaching/online lectures and the University is a highly respected organisation. The MBA gives an overarching view of the subject matter without getting too specific which will help improve my skills further.

What were your motivations for undertaking an MBA?

Having recently been promoted into the Head of Department role I felt having a better understanding of management both in the NHS and in wider industry would be particularly useful.

Since achieving my BSc 20 years ago I have wanted to complete a higher level course and at this stage of my career the MBA is the logical choice.


My initial hope is that the MBA will help improve me in my current role as the Head of Department as I am fairly new to the job.

I am also looking to move into more senior positions in future and having the knowledge I gain from the MBA will be invaluable in helping me achieve that.


Take as much advice as possible from those with experience – then decide which bits work for you.

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