How to Be Innovative Within a Working Environment?

Innovation can be a new idea, a new solution and, depending on the organisation, embedded into the cultural environment within a workplace.

Joseph Schumpter, the economist who contributed greatly to innovation economics championed innovative techniques, asserted that innovation must come from internal organisations. Suggesting that it is a positive way to satisfy the consumer base; by continuously improving on the price, durability, quality and more, and that without innovation we will not progress.

Below are a few steps/methods which can be used to review if you are being innovative:

  1. Surround yourself with inspiration. Capture memories, moments and experiences by collating this into a mood board (printed or online)
  2. Have a springboard. Innovation is not singular, it usually happens by bouncing off ideas and encouraging one another. Work with a colleague/friend and discuss ideas
  3. Start in bite sized chunks. Small projects can work really effectively rather than large projects as they become unmanageable
  4. Ideas and thoughts are great but they need to be realised. Test the project and see what is working and what is not
  5. Explore outside the office. Whilst you’re brainstorming and thinking, it is good to get out of the office and soak up what is around, freeing the mind and letting our subconscious work
  6. Refer to your role model. If you hit a stumbling block a good way to come out of it is by referring to those you look up to and inspire your. What would they would do in this situation?

Being innovative is extremely brave and inspirational, persistence is key in order to keep going!

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