Tosin Sade Clare Olaoye

UK, MBA 2019

“Never wish life was better, wish you were better.” – Jim Rohn

I am excited about the prospect of improving my e-commerce business and management style through Strategic Marketing & Communication and Strategic People Management and Modules on the Kent MBA programme. I hope to gain insight into how large multinational companies succeeded in a tough economy during European Study Tour. I also look forward to developing improved professional skillset during the forthcoming workshops and seminar, as well as the prospect of networking and building business relationships.

As a self-funded student, I am also attracted to the fact that I can apply for 50% funding support from the Kent MBA Women in Leadership Scholarship. As a Project Manager, I control and manage the multiple-stream project. Previously I worked as an Accounting Assistant in an Accounting Practice and was also a Project Planner. During this MBA programme, I want to develop strategic management proficiency.

I own an E-commerce start-up where I sell women shapewear and hair solutions. I hope to grow and expand this side-business of mine in the long term with one major goal in mind, to provide work experience and leadership skills for ‘Misunderstood Women’. ‘Misunderstood Women’ is a charity organisation I hope to set up to help women who are already in employment that desire move into leadership positions but unable to do so because they do not have a work and family life balance.

In my spare time, I offer assistance on a volunteer basis at the local athletics club where my daughter attends training during major events and I also enjoy playing football with my skilful son.


  • I did Accounting Assistant Internship after completing an Accounting and Finance degree but moved into Project Management due to its dynamic and changing nature.
  • As an Associate project manager, I helped review time-constraint schedules, increased efficiency by reducing over-allocated resources and created an achievable project plan to meet clients changing needs. This gave one of the high-end customers the confidence in Winners Walk IT solutions due to prompt handing over to them and I was promoted to the Project Manager role after the company secured further retainer contract agreement.


I hope to develop my career prospect to a senior level and later move into consultancy. I want to be well-equipped with various management style and marketing skills to handle the challenges that come with business growth and expansion.


Believe in yourself and try to self-develop every day. Research and educate yourself often but seek expert advice when you get stuck. Learn from your failures, move on quickly and strive for continuous success.

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