Susie White

Kent – United Kingdom
The Kent MBA 2018 (Part-time)

‚ÄúThere is always room for individuality, so stand out and have a strong brand.”

As Marketing Director for James Villa Holidays, my remit covers the whole marketing and e-commerce solution for the business leading and managing three integral teams. The Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Team; responsible for digital strategy, web & digital design, web front end, site merchandise, conversion, MVT, technical SEO, UX, PPC & programmatic display. The Marketing Communications Team; web content, blog, social, brand, SEO content, outreach, tactical/promotional campaigns and customer campaigns, email, CRM, PR, TV, promotional campaigns, magazine, brochure, content; design. Finally the Visual Assets and Video Team; creating and managing imagery, photography and video.

My career path was slightly unconventional seeing me take up my marketing degree and CIM at night. In order to gain professional acumen in the marketing sphere, I worked my way up in the leisure and hospitality industry. My career to date has seen me drive footfall to greyhound tracks, launch casinos around the UK, become Head of Venue Marketing for Manchester United, working in radio; marketing 22 stations all around the UK and moving to the US to help launch Natural Retreats, a high-end vacation rental business.


My key professional achievements include:

  • For the LGBT Market; Diversity and Inclusion – Currently up for two industry awards, one being announced on the 17th September and one on the 28th November. We have achieved a lot as a business in the last year alone, even if we don’t win the awards we’re really proud of what we have done.
  • Being 36 and at Head of / Director level for the last 10 years.
  • Working in America for two years, helping set up a vacation rental and real estate company called Natural Retreats. I could talk for hours about living and working abroad, to keep it short, two years is a huge achievement!

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