Paul Ashworth

Kent – United Kingdom
The Kent MBA 2016

“There ‘pracademic’ knowledge underpinning the taught element of the course, strongly appealed to me.” 

My career to date has been spent working in London for HSBC Bank. Professionally I have worked in a variety of functions and had the opportunity to develop knowledge within Risk Management, Client Management, Card Proposition Development, and Offshore Operations.

Positions held have enabled me to become an experienced and skilled change manager, able to deliver complex strategic change in a variety of functions and geographic locations. Projects managed include; operational change, operating model change, risk systems change, product development, and IT change.

Outside of work I enjoy watching football, playing golf, and road cycling.


In order to develop a stronger commercial awareness of the bank’s business operations, I opted to take an implementation role within the Global Liquidity and Cash Management team. During this time, I led a successful project with a well-known Italian construction materials company to create a Global cash pool, enabling automated daily cash movement based on agreed credit/debit parameters. As well as navigating the client through the setup and legal requirements of entering into such an agreement, this enabled them to incorporate a more efficient way of managing their daily Global cash positions, ensuring Global subsidiaries were sufficiently liquid to manage daily cash flow.

Over a period of 18 months, I was entrusted to lead the European AML Transaction Monitoring and Investigations project. At a time of enhanced regulatory scrutiny against the banks’ internal compliance controls, this project was deemed to be crucial in allowing the organisation to enhance its operational AML capability. I successfully delivered an approved Global operating model and spent time onsite with teams in India and Turkey to ensure successful implementation.

Most recently, I have led a successful project to enable the sharing of Sanctions related to RFI (Request for Information) data between Global sites. This has reduced the number of duplicate referrals and operational touchpoints on cross-border payments. It has also dramatically cut payment turnaround times, and as at the time of writing, enabled the avoidance of 2000 duplicate RFIs.


Through the completion of the Kent MBA, I hope to develop the necessary skills to transition into an overseas business management role. Long-term I am seeking to build my career in the Executive Management space, and hope to lead strategic and commercially driven teams within the bank.

As a Kent Business School alumnus, the skills and knowledge acquired through my undergraduate studies provided me with a solid foundation upon which to build the early stages of my career. I have been impressed by the University’s continued rise through the national rankings, and the recent update of the business school’s facilities. Moreover, the content of the course, along with ‘pracademic’ knowledge underpinning the taught element of the course, strongly appealed to me.

I have arrived at a point in my career where I wish to begin developing my skills set to transition, into a role within the Executive management ranks of the bank. I am confident that, through the Kent MBA, I will again be able to build the necessary knowledge base and skills set upon which to base this intended progression.


Collaborative teams build success, and never underestimate the importance of good stakeholder management.

Healthy working relationships, built on pragmatism and respect, help encourage broad contribution and idea creation. This, for me, is a fundamental factor in moving businesses forward, and helping teams to grow.

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