Olugbenga Ayodeji Olajide

UK, MBA 2019

“Self-confidence, planning and working hard brings a vision to fruition.”

I was attracted to the Kent MBA programme because I wanted to improve my leadership and managerial skills by learning the required skills to tackle future business challenges. I chose to study at the University of Kent because of its uniqueness.

I was the former commissioner for Budget and Economic Planning in Ekiti State, Nigeria for almost four years. I currently supervise eight departments and the office of the Permanent Secretary. My Ministry provides the Budgetary provision for the state by liaising with the State Governor, the other ministries and agencies to determine which provisions should be catered for within the yearly budget.

Formerly, I managed my own business before my appointment as a State Commissioner. Prior to this, I owned forex and a travel agent. I want to improve my leadership and managerial skills so that I can be a business leader in the future, especially in IT.

Outside of work, my hobbies include reading, running, weight lifting, listening to music and dancing.


I was involved in most of the projects that were executed in my state during my time in office. Some of the outstanding projects that I supervised were the construction of a bridge, roads, building of schools and the construction of a modern market complex in the State.


I want to develop my leadership and managerial skills so that I will be better prepared to be able to manage and handle any leadership challenges, and to have the outstanding skills and qualities to be able to work in any industry in the business world.


Self-confidence, planning and hard work bring a vision to fruition.

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