Obinna Ernest Nzekwe

Nigeria – Africa
The Kent MBA 2018

“I hope to go back to the classroom someday as a lecturer to train younger accountants.”

I am a financial reporting specialist with up-to-date knowledge of IFRS and its dynamism. With over four years of excellent financial reporting skills developed within a group with seven subsidiary companies.

I am now seeking to grow my career in the Finance space, to a point where I can occupy the role of Finance Director in a large conglomerate. I also have a passion to achieve some international certifications in the Finance world like CFA, ACCA etc.

When I am not working or studying, I enjoy playing or watching football and listening to classic music socialising with friends.


I graduated as the best student in the Accounting department during my undergraduate study and I am an associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN).

I championed the pioneer financial statements audit of the company/Group where I currently work. I have over four years of audit experience working with Deloitte Nigeria, with specialisation in the audit of financial institutions. Moving back to the financial services industry was a notable move, as the experiences gathered in the audit of several banks it gave my career a leap.


I aspire to advance my career in Finance, becoming a Chief Finance Officer/Finance Director in a large conglomerate.

I hope to go back to the classroom someday as a lecturer to train younger accountants, I also want to move into consultancy where I can consult for private and public-sector organisations and eventually try my hands in politics in my home country.


Invest in people, processes and effective internal controls, stick to the right business ethics and ethos, and have an effective reward system for employees.

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