Nirapoy Srivarangkul

The Kent MBA 2018

“A good leader never stops learning.”

It has been more than 4 years and 6 months since my company was established under the name of The food society co., ltd. I have been granted a better vision and the ability to foresee business consequences.
I strongly believe that The food society co., ltd. is developing because of my potential. Currently, I have been recognised as a successful young businesswoman in canned fish exporting business in the Middle East countries markets.


  • Merged and developed an exporting company which was established under my responsibility.
  • My position in the company as a Managing Director of The food society co., ltd. gives me the opportunity to handle all roles within the company such as managing, accounting, finance, etc.
  • I have applied both theoretical and practical methods from what I have learned in my life. Hence, I can decrease the cost of company and increased margin to company approximately 10 per cent a year.


I hope to expand my company into various markets such as the AEC market, and some of European markets. Moreover, after I finish my Master’s degree I will go on to continue my family business in Germany, which is why I decided to study The Kent MBA.


Always learn from your experiences and mistakes because it is very important for me to find and learn beyond what I have seen and be more than what I am, as a good leader never stops learning.

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