Michelle Batstone

Kent – United Kingdom
The Kent MBA 2018 (Part-time)

“No matter what stage you are at in your career, you can always learn more.” 

I have worked for the council since May 2000 and have worked my way up from Income Officer to Corporate Change Manager. My role now is very much around reviewing services and introducing and supporting change but also supporting the council in major projects
Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family; we have a young son who is very demanding of our time! I do make time for sport and love playing netball and have recently taken up running; I have taken part in various charity runs and half-marathons.


One of my key achievements includes the local council implementing a complete change in the waste and recycling service in the borough, off the back of achieving government funding. I was involved from start to finish; from writing the bid for funding to delivering this service change which went very smoothly and is a project I am very proud of being involved in.

As a council, we have had to deliver savings in light of central government budget cuts. I have played a key role in identifying and delivering these savings which have helped the council deliver a balanced budget.

I am currently involved in a major regeneration project in the town centre which is a significant project for the area as a whole and very exciting to be involved in.


Having worked in local government for 18 years, never have I experienced the scale of uncertainty that surrounds the sector. Local government is changing with increasing demands from the community balanced with reducing budgets and the challenge of making the council’s self-sufficient. At this stage, I feel The Kent MBA will equip me for the challenges ahead and help me to support the council through the challenging times it is facing. It will give me a real foundation to progress in the future.


Having come from the world of Local Government, my experience in the true commercial world is limited. However, I think there are things that are common across all industries;
– Always be honest and transparent; sooner or later it will come back and bite you if you’re not.
– No matter what stage you are at in your career, you can always learn more.
– Never be afraid to say you don’t understand something or something needs to be clarified; its the best way to avoid error and learn and progress.

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