Mark Maclachlan

Kent – United Kingdom
The Kent MBA 2017

“Be prepared to move outside of your comfort zone.” 

An Engineering Manager, I started with Cummins Power Generated Ltd. directly from the university as a Junior Engineer, progressing through the ranks of engineering over the last 10 years. I am interested in the science of management and my own professional development. I enjoy playing golf and walking with my children at the weekend.


My proudest professional achievement is leading an engineering team on the development of a £100M project. The project required 18 individual 20-megawatt sites to be developed, commissioned and put into operation within 18 months.


I plan to move out of the engineering lead role to further develop my understanding of the wider Cummins business. This will allow me to develop my skillset and set myself up within the next few years to be ready for a directorship role within the organisation. I believe the Kent MBA is a vital step along the way to achieving this goal.

I wanted a hands-on, face-to-face experience, so the Open University didn’t tick the right boxes. Talking to colleagues within Cummins who study at Kent Business School and having visited the campus I was convinced this was the right environment for me to study in.


Be prepared to work hard to achieve your goals. This journey is not easy! Set manageable milestones along the way and focus on achieving each goal step-by-step. Develop a great network, colleagues, university friends, and engage them for advice and guidance. Be prepared to move outside of your comfort zone, it will be liberating!

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