Logan Watkins

UK, MBA 2019

“Comfort is the enemy of growth.” 

I was attracted to the Kent MBA programme as Kent Business School has a glowing reputation and the AACSB accreditation makes it a very desirable place to study. The programme is both comprehensive and interesting while the locality provides ease with the post-graduate study.

In my current role as Matron for Medicine, I am tasked with providing strong senior leadership throughout my directorate in the public sector.

I have a very keen interest in quality improvement and organisational leadership. Within some of my management roles, I have been tasked with delivering changes in services due to evolving business strategies. This has enabled me to develop my leadership style to motivate, enthuse and empower others within their roles within various organisations.


  • In 2013 while working as a Charge Nurse, the small team I worked within received the JWC international award for our improvement work. The success of this project ignited a passion for quality improvement which remains the main theme in my career to date.
  • While relatively junior, I took the opportunity to be a local QI lead for a national patient safety project. I successfully implemented the project and reshaped the service resulting in large scale cost reduction, an increase in service user experience and professional development.
  • I took the opportunity to stop working clinically and enter a senior leadership role on a full-time management basis. Although I felt security as a clinician, stepping out of my comfort zone has allowed me to grow professionally and explore new interests and ideas. I am now confident in my aspirations and proud of myself for taking a leap of faith.


I want to implement healthcare improvement on a national platform, providing consultancy to struggling areas and gain experience on an executive level.


Always take the opportunities, never be afraid of failure as that is how we learn.

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