Kunio Horie

Tokyo – Japan
The Kent MBA 2018

“Do not be afraid of mistakes.”

I previously worked at a Japanese traditional pharmaceutical company for 8 years as a sales and marketing representative. Through my career, I worked with many patients who were struggling with various diseases with innovative pharmaceutical drugs. In addition, I always wanted to give back to society as a businessperson. I enjoy networking with a wide array of people from different backgrounds and nationalities.


When I was working at a previous company, I was selected to join the global training programme as a member of future potential leaders and I had the opportunity to visit the South Korean branch for around one month. During that time, I worked with the CEO and executives and got a wide array of business skills from them such as decision-making skills, time-management skills, and leadership skills.


In the near future, I am going to start-up my own company in Tokyo, Japan in order to contribute to society not only Japan but all over the world.


I would say that do not be afraid of mistakes, and at the same time keep on challenging yourself and others until you get your satisfied achievement.

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