Konstantinos Goudelis

MBA 2019, Greece

“Time is limited, don’t waste it on obstacles but focus on goals.”

I am a results-oriented professional with organisational skills and creative ideas to overlap roadblocks or barriers and I also have an outstanding work ethic. Technology and engineering topics seek my interest and I also love reading books, hiking, cycling & photography.

The principal reason for applying to the Kent MBA programme is the location and in-person participation. I hope to meet and connect with a lot of people including professors, other students from all over the world and businesses so to expand my professional network of contacts and expertise.


Having studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens, I currently work for Cummins as a General Manager for North and Central Europe.


  • Joined Europe Leadership team within three years of working at my current company
  • Developed a strong team with more than half of the team members evaluated as top performers
  • Delivered double-digit growth in regions of responsibility every year for four years running


I want the MBA program to develop my strategic thinking and that skills which will help me to get better long-term business decisions. With this MBA I want to strengthen that foundation and become the kind of dynamic leader who can bring organizations vision into life.


Be always surrounded by more experienced and intelligent people than you, there is always something new to learn from them every day.

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