Kaxaa Patel

UK, MBA 2019

“Go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to help you grow.” – Caroline Myss

I was initially attracted to the Kent MBA programme through positive word-of-mouth from colleagues who were already studying at the Kent Business School (KBS). I wanted a face-to-face learning experience and KBS offers this. The international perspective offered by the course along with the diverse cohort of students, also made it a top choice for me. Working for a global company, I have the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people daily and I wanted the MBA to be no different. I believe that working with a diverse team can increase creativity and lead to better decision making.

I lead the global Marketing Communications efforts for the Data Centre segment within Cummins Inc. From a high-level view, this involves devising the marketing communications strategy and objectives for the segment and working cross-functionally to implement them. Prior to this, I worked as a Business Analyst, managing Cummins Inc Power Systems suite of sales tools and carrying out enhancement projects to improve user experience.

Outside of work, I enjoy travelling, trying different cuisines, watching Formula 1 and of course spending time with my family and friends.


  • In my career so far, I have experienced a fair bit of organisational change. A few months into my first full-time professional job, the team I worked in was downsized from a team of five to two people. The team of two consisted of my manager and I. I was asked to take on my former colleagues’ responsibilities which meant going from supporting two sales tools to managing four sales tools and supporting one. My workload had significantly increased and the pressure was on, as I was tasked with doing a job previously shared between three experienced managers. One of my responsibilities involved user management for each of the sales tools, this meant resolving any customer issues quickly and communicating clearly and in a timely manner.
  • With the little experience I had, the job was daunting at times as I had to self-learn the systems and processes quickly in order to keep stakeholders happy. I became the SME and when the team gained additional resources a year after, I trained them on everything I had learnt. I was also recognised for successfully training a team on a new content management system and transitioning the ownership of it. This was a great moment for me, as it reminded me of just how much knowledge I had absorbed in a short space of time and the fact that I had managed to keep things running as smooth as could be, despite my initial fears.


I hope to progress within the marketing field, working for a large global company. The skills and knowledge that I will gain from doing an MBA will fuel me to become a successful transformational leader with an innovative mindset. The curriculum covers the latest business theories and this will give me the understanding that I need to effectively solve problems and improve existing processes and practices within the workplace. Self-development is very important to me; hence I am excited by the prospect of getting back into education and networking with a diverse range of people, who I can share and gain ideas from.


My advice is not to be disheartened if something does not go as you planned; strive for progress, not perfection. Businesses are ever-changing and I think it is important to be flexible and adaptable to keep up with business needs.

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