Kanut Burarattanavong

Bangkok – Thailand
The Kent MBA 2018

“Using technology can improve the quality of business.” 

My job responsibilities:

  • Take actions to solve both arising and constant problems in production lines and find ways to prevent them.
  • Calculate production capacity using Excel and find solutions when customers’ orders exceed maximum capacity.
  • Supervise and support 13 technicians who repair and maintain more than 100 machines in production lines.
  • Improve layout, method and machinery to maximise production efficiency.


I got an award from creating a machine for using in the production line which can increase production capacity. Another is one of the project supervisors of production line relocation project.


I hope to broaden my perspective and develop my management skills as well as decision making. I want to work in an international company within the business world.


Since now, technology is very important in every segment including business area. Therefore, using technology can improve the quality of business.

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