Jessie Khumbo Chewere

Malawi – Africa
The Kent MBA 2018

“To progress in business, keep on learning.” 

My current role is overseeing daily operations of one of the Bank’s services Centre. I am particularly interested in operational and people management in addition to customer service.

In my free time, I enjoy sightseeing and reading non-fiction books.


Some of my achievements during my 8-year banking career are growing my unit from an agency to a fully-fledged Service Centre. This was as a result of outstanding customer service that led to increased transactions of the unit. So far, I have won two awards and a scholarship to study my MBA here at Kent in recognition of my contributions.


I want to develop my managerial/leadership and customer service skills, in addition to developing my networking capabilities, which is paramount to the Banking business.


To progress in business, keep on learning.

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