Jessica Richmond

Horw – Switzerland
The Kent MBA 2017

“Be passionate, persistent and patient.” 

Several years of professional work experience in business administration in the international real estate (Engel & Völkers) and education (Bénédict Schools International) sectors have shown me the tough challenges behind managing a company and brand, and consistently achieving customer satisfaction and growth goals.

My professional interests include people management, promoting intercultural understanding and strategic planning. I enjoy organising social events with my friends, trying new wines and new recipes, travelling and picnics.


In my most recent position as a Manager of Business Administration, I helped build new customer relationships and create solutions to help manage existing relationships. Having experience in team leadership and in managing a diverse clientele, I have developed strong interpersonal and communication skills.

I try to further my own development of leadership skills by regularly volunteering as the Lead Host-family Coordinator for central Switzerland’s Youth for Understanding – a worldwide organisation for youth exchange. Belonging to a team that promotes intercultural understanding in Switzerland helps me to grow as a person and as a leader.

My key professional achievements include working in a middle-management role while studying part-time for my Bachelor’s degree in Business Communication. During my studies, we developed communication and marketing concepts for many companies in Switzerland. Some of these ideas were actually used by these companies to promote their brands, raising their reputation and their brand trust.


I aspire to start a company which helps promote education. I believe that a lot of the skills I need to succeed with this project will be developed during the course of the Kent MBA programme.

I chose to study the Kent MBA as Kent Business School has an excellent reputation and the value the institution places on innovation and community ambition appealingly align with my values.


Learn how to develop innovative strategies for turning companies’ challenges to opportunities, and opportunities to successes. For that, consider learning about new technologies and don’t be afraid to try out new ways of doing established processes.

Always be just as respectful to the people you work with as you are with your customers and never underestimate the value of human capital.

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