Fang Wang

Qinzhou City – China
The Kent MBA 2017 (Full-time)

“It is easier to achieve when there is a viable direction and goal.” 

I have been the Director of the Comprehensive Management Department of Investment and Cooperation Bureau as part of the China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park Management Committee since 2012. As part of my role, I manage external investment and internal comprehensive operations. Previous to this, I served as a Personal Assistant to the Director of Local Government.

I have accumulated a great deal of experience in operations management. My professional interests include social justice and management.

I enjoy the outdoors and long-distance running. I am also a skilled calligrapher, specialising in Chinese brush painting.


I was rated as an excellent employee for two consecutive years in 2012 and 2013.

I was involved in the large-scale promotion of ‘Two Countries, Double Parks’, the China – Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park and the Malaysia – China Kuantan Industrial Park. I served as Deputy-head of the Comprehensive Coordination Group, responsible for merchant invitations, scheduling and conference activities. Leaders of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and Malaysian Prime Minister Naguib attended the event, which attracted lots of attention from both countries.

After the event I was appointed as Director of the Investment Cooperation Bureau and was later appointed to serve as Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the park. This meant managing all investment attraction work in the park.


The Kent MBA will allow me to enhance my professional knowledge and skills. The programme is well-designed and I am looking forward to making use of the excellent resources Kent has to offer. I am excited to live and study in a multicultural campus environment. Afterwards, I may consider a PhD in Management and subsequently return to China, working in Shanghai or another first-tier city.


For those who want to make progress in the field of business, always develop a reasonable final goal, make a detailed plan, and stick to it. It is easier to achieve success when there is a viable direction and goal.

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