Efstathia Papathanasi

Athens – Greece
The Kent MBA 2017

“I would like to join a multinational corporation in the FMCG sector.” 

I am a versatile marketing leader that has gained experience in the start-up mobile app business. My most recent role as Marketing Manager for a mobile app development company. I strongly believe that more women can be involved in c-level corporate management.

I have the motivation and the desire to study and gain further knowledge of the strategic management of FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) corporations. I have been involved in social volunteer work from a young age.


In my most recent appointment, I successfully managed a sales team that promoted and sold mobile apps.

A key professional achievement was building and executing a cost-effective transportation scheduling system during my time working for a construction company.

I was also a key player in a project that led to the patent of the autonomous solar distiller, a project I am particularly proud of.


Following my studies at Kent Business School, I would like to further my career by joining a multinational corporation with a marketing orientation ideally in the FMCG sector. I am confident that being so passionate about learning, I will complete my Kent MBA with a much better understanding of the parameters that affect and can improve the business environment.

I chose Kent Business School as I am certain that it can enrich my knowledge of strategic management, business operations, business policy, communication and world market interactions. It will certainly help me gain deeper insight into how organisations operate along with a more advanced understanding of project and resource management. This valuable educational process will help me improve my decision-making skills and at the same time, better understand the economic fluctuations and other external changes that affect the business environment.


Work hard, be self-motivated and always examine all the options before you make a decision.

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