Ed Sayer

United Kingdom
The Kent MBA 2018 (Part-time)

“Be prepared to take big changes in the direction of your business and believe in yourself and your decisions.”

I currently run a conservation programme in Zambia focusing on all aspects of protected area management and including a major black rhino re-introduction into a former range state.

My major professional interests are law enforcement strategy and the recent adoption of technology within the strategy. I trained and qualified originally as a Chartered Surveyor but soon reverted to a childhood ambition of conservation and worked my way into conservation and my career grew from there within Zambia and a spell in Tanzania.

Outside of this professional life, I have recently taken up running and completed two marathons one of which was with a team of our scouts from our project in Zambia.


My key professional achievements include:

  • In 2016 my wife and I won the Bruno H Schubert award for conservation for our work with the North Luangwa Conservation Programme.
  • In 2007, we successfully repatriated two black rhinos from a zoo in Kent UK to the Serengeti in Tanzania and completed the reintroduction of 25 black rhinos into the North Luangwa in Zambia. This project area is now home to the largest and fastest-growing elephant population in the country.
  • I have over 2500 hours of flying as the pilot of our aerial surveillance unit.


I hope to set up a functional and sustainable public-private partnership for the ongoing management of the North Luangwa ecosystem and to set up a model that remains attractive to donors, is efficient and effectively run and can be replicated elsewhere within Zambia.


Always learn from your mistakes, communication is the key to success, tough decisions now will prevent major problems later, always be prepared to listen and take advice, be prepared to make big changes in the direction of your business and believe in yourself and your decisions.

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