Antonio Vemba

Angola, MBA 2019

“The road to success is always under construction…there are lots of potholes but no traffic jams.” – Dana Pena

The Kent Business School came highly recommended and after my own research, I was impressed with how the Kent MBA programme was structured and how I was able tailor my course to meet my strategic development aspirations. In the future, I aspire to build and develop my business back home in Angola, contributing to the development of my continent through infrastructure development.

I’m a civil engineer by profession and outside of work I enjoy playing basketball and travelling.


  • I was a board member of i40 – is a group of 40 engineers selected across a company of 7,500 employees in order to drive the companies ambition to innovate.
  • I co-founded Bant2 – along with my business partner and with our team, we are breaking new grounds in introducing innovative thought processes to the challenges in our communities.


After completing the Kent MBA, I hope to build my business and develop a strategic development plan which will lead the company to a successful future. We eventually wish to grow our business in the continent and bring together a whole range of diverse young professionals to a common purpose.


For me, the business aspect of any organisation is the core organ to success. Know as much as possible about it and share your experiences as others will share with you.

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