Anthony Waddison

United Kingdom
The Kent MBA 2018 (Part-time)

“Be passionate about what you do and who you are as this will motivate you through any tough times you may have.”

I am currently Head of Product Change and responsible for introducing new initiatives and enhancing current processes to improve our business and product performance. I come from a sales management and sales operations background and this was an opportunity to add marketing to my CV.

I like Rugby although now as a spectator and I love spending time with my son Luke (9) and daughter Savannah (3).


I am proud of developing the Yell for Business app which now enables 52,000 of Yellʼs customers to manage their programme on the go. I received the CEO award last year which acknowledged my contribution to the business. I have changed career direction a couple of times but have taken the learnings from all my previous roles into the new one to enable me to think differently and be better.


I am keen to develop my career in the Executive Management space but also explore the opportunity to use my broad experience to support and improve a variety of businesses as a consultant.


Build your network and aim to know something personal about everyone in it. Be passionate about what you do and who you are as this will motivate through any tough times you may have.

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