Ahana Gurung

New Delhi – India
The Kent MBA 2018

“You will never know enough so get comfortable with the unknown.”

I have worked as a media professional based in New Delhi, India for over four years in the travel and lifestyle industry. What I loved most about my job was the fact that it allowed me to travel frequently around the world and gave me a platform to express my views. I enjoy the outdoors and hike whenever I can, but also love reading and occasionally cooking which I find very therapeutic.


My proudest achievement is the time I successfully headed a team of two and worked on a coffee table book project on tourism in Middle East.

In addition, I also got to channel my interest in technology by anchoring a quarterly supplement on travel technology and updating readers on the latest trends.


The reason I decided to further my education with an MBA was to change my profile to a managerial role and gain insights into being an effective leader. Post MBA, I would like to get experience in a digital marketing MNC for a few years after which I would like to have my own set-up in my hometown.


You will never know enough so get comfortable with the unknown.

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