Wonderful Creative: EIRA Innovation Internship

Tyler Hamblin standing at a podium

Tyler Hamblin was offered a three month EIRA Innovation Internship with Kent-based creative agency, Wonderful, which resulted in him being offered a permanent role within the company.

The Challenge

Wonderful Creative are a digital agency who offer support with digital marketing, web design and development, app and software development and data analytics. They were looking for an extra pair of hands to help with their projects.

The Approach

Tyler Hamblin was offered an Innovation Internship with the creative marketing agency. It was an opportunity to work for an innovative company, whilst focusing on video production. During his internship, Tyler undertook a range of projects, including 2D animation, live action filming and kinetic typography.

“Within 3 months, I had covered an event in London, produced a handful of animated videos, spent a day filming with an external client at Goodwood, which involved working with Formula 1 cars and self-driving vehicles. In my final month I also coordinated my own shoot with a large client, which involved the pitching of concepts, the hiring of equipment and crew, and directing a shoot in Bradford inside a live hospital all on my own.”

Tyler Hamblin

The Result

Tyler particularly enjoyed the internship as it encouraged both independence and the freedom to bring forward his own ideas.

He impressed the management team at Wonderful so much that his internship turned into a full-time permanent position in the company. This is an excellent example of the EIRA innovation Internships in action – providing businesses in the region with extra resource to boost productivity, whilst offering students and recent graduates meaningful employment within sectors that have a known market need within the region. 

“The collaboration within the company has pushed me to areas I thought I wouldn’t explore right out of uni..”

Tyler Hamblin

The Enabling Innovation: Research to Application (EIRA) Innovation Internships encouraged SME businesses based in the East of England to temporarily take on a student or recent graduate from a university or college in the region. If you are interested in taking on a student intern from the University of Kent, speak to our dedicated innovation gateway team who can discuss with you the options for doing so.