RDDS Avionics: Harnessing Expertise Through a Student Placement

An unidentified person working on a circuit with the light focussed on where the circuit is.

RDDS Avionics are the leading provider of image enhanced aircraft displays and video distribution systems. Based in Margate, Kent, they have a strong reputation among the Police and Military airborne surveillance operations. They approached the University of Kent to coordinate a student placement, resulting in an expansion of their expertise and workforce.

The Challenge

Managing Director, James Sullivan, was keen to expand the RDDS expertise and workforce.

 The Approach

He approached the University’s Student Placement Officer to coordinate a one-year placement for a third-year Electronic Engineering student. A placement is a great way for a student to get a glimpse inside a company, industry, or a particular occupation. It can help an individual to discover whether the career path they have chosen is right for them; to hone their ‘soft skills’ and learn to work well with others; and to enhance their future employment prospects. It also offers the company fresh, new talent and a new way of thinking.

Erlang Logo“The work environment is new to students and they bring both enthusiasm and motivations, which often proves to be something of an inspiration to older individuals like myself!”

James Sullivan, Managing Director of RDDS Avionics

The Result

The placement proved to be a success for both the company and the student, with the student completing the placement and going on to undertake a project with them in his final year. Since graduating in 2008, the highly-skilled and experienced individual has gone on to be a permanent employee with RDDS Avionics.