Kosovo Telecom: Delivering Skills and Training for Business

People sitting with notepads on their knees

Kosovo Telecom, formerly Post and Telecommunications of Kosovo (PTK), has been a leading telecommunications company in Kosovo for over 60 years. They sought the expertise of Kent’s School of Engineering to deliver an intensive training course to give their employees a competitive edge.

The Challenge

The company wanted to ensure their employees had the latest skills and training to maintain their competitive edge. They got in touch with the University of Kent to help them deliver a training course for their staff.

 The Approach

PTK sought the expertise of the School of Engineering to provide an intensive, three-week training course for 39 members of staff. Professor Nathan Gomes, Professor J Wang and Adam Jastrzebski, members of the Broadband and Wireless Communications research group in the School of Engineering and Digital Arts, developed a bespoke course to meet the needs of PTK. Professor Gomes worked with other University services to deliver a successful course in April 2009 at the Canterbury campus of the University of Kent.

“From my conversations with [delegates], I could tell they were really impressed with the campus and facilities, and although we worked them hard, they enjoyed the courses.”

Professor Nathan Gomes, The University of Kent

The Result

A delegate of the course, Hysen Gashi, described it as “the most professional training I have ever had.” As Kosovo Telecom embarked on a number of major projects in Kosovo, they intended to strengthen the partnership established with the School of Engineering and the University of Kent.