Dstl: Joining Forces to Maximise Research Impact

an army recruit abseiling from a helicopter

Dstl maximises the impact of science and technology for the defence and security of the UK, by working with industry and academia to create winning technologies for the Ministry of Defence (MoD.). They joined forces with the University of Kent to identify research in line with the MoD’s priorities, securing over £100k of research funding.

The Challenge

Identify research funding opportunities which supported the MoD’s major priorities in human capabilities, materials and cyber security.

 The Approach

Dstl’s Centre for Defence Enterprise (the Ministry of Defence’s gateway to the outside world) developed close links with the University of Kent, and worked with us to identify specific research clusters that supported the MoD’s major priorities.

“Universities benefit from our experts as lecturers or in supervisory roles, and Dstl benefits with access to specialist facilities, research and expertise.”

Jim Wilson, Dstl

The Result

Over £100k in project funding was secured. The funding contributed to multi-disciplinary project collaborations with the School of Engineering and Digital Arts, and the creation of academic fellowships with the School of Psychology and the School of Physical Sciences.

“Kent has a rich vein of untapped expertise in key science and technology areas that can help address Dstl needs. The past year has provided the opportunity to explore mutual areas of interest, and we look forward to strengthening the relationship.”