Priority Freight Holdings Limited KTP achieves highest rating

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between the University and Priority Freight Holdings Limited has achieved the highest possible rating from Innovate UK, the UK’s technology strategy agency, after it helped create a tool to help reduce the number of vehicles needed to deliver consignments.

University of Kent and Priority Freight Holdings Limited was awarded the highest grade of “Outstanding” by the KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnerships) by the grading panel for its achievements in meeting KTP’s objectives by the KTP Grading Panel at Innovate UK. Only 10% of KTP projects achieve this grade, underlining the impact the project has had.

The partnership, set up by the Centre of Logistics & Heuristic Optimisation (CLHO) in the Kent Business School, has developed a tool that identifies opportunities to combine loads and shipments to reduce the number of vehicles needed to successfully deliver customers’ consignments. As a result, Priority Freight aims to be able to lessen the environmental impact of their services, whilst still providing clients with the service levels for which they’re renowned.

The aim of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) is to strengthen the competitiveness, wealth, creation, and economic performance of the UK by the enhancement of knowledge and skills and simulation of innovation through collaborative projects between business and the knowledge base.