International Business alum: ‘I work with people from all over the world’

Mirko Danso, an Italian-Ghanaian alumni, studied BSc in International Business with a Year in Industry and now works within the HR regulatory and operations department at Fidelity International, a global asset management firm.

‘I was born and raised in Italy, but my family is originally from Ghana, hence my mixed and rich heritage.

‘It was due to my mum, who settled in Italy at a very young age that I ended up pursuing higher education in a foreign country. I was still in high school when she suggested I moved to the UK to enrol at university. At first I didn’t agree, but she really put her foot down!

‘After getting my diploma, I therefore left my hometown, my family and dear friends to live in a country where not only didn’t I know anyone, but I also couldn’t speak or understand its language very well. It was very daunting.

‘My mum would often say “If you don’t like it, you can always come home”. I am really glad I listened to her in the end!’

Mirko’s journey began the day he applied to Birmingham Metropolitan College, where he obtained his Access to Business Diploma. Soon after, it was time for Mirko to look for a suitable university to fulfil his education aspirations.

‘During my quest, I came across the University of Kent and decided to travel all the way to Canterbury for an Open Day.

‘It was then that I simply fell in love. Everything was so well-run and after walking around campus, surrounded by beautiful greenery and modern buildings, at just a stone-throw from the historical city centre of Canterbury, I decided that was exactly where I wanted to be. I chose to pursue a degree in International Business with a Year in Industry.’

Mirko originally settled into student life at the university on-campus accommodations, close to the sport facilities he loved, which allowed him to build long-lasting friendships and become an active member of clubs and societies – he soon became President of the Table Tennis Society.

Mirko’s undergraduate degree had a big impact on his development and shaped his critical thinking and business acumen, making him well-equipped for the future.

‘All courses were multifaceted but what I loved the most was reflecting on the role culture plays in affecting modern business ways of working, strategies and decisions – such an important concept in today’s international workplace.’

Due to his degree of choice, Mirko was also able to bridge the gap between business theory and practice in his Year in Industry, during which he joined the Reward and Policy team at Siemens Plc.

‘This experience helped me gain a better understanding of what it means to belong to a global corporation and to operate in an international landscape. Although at the time this particular role did not match my future career aspirations, I can now confirm that it certainly helped me grow and it led to many doors opening’.

After his placement, Mirko soon discovered the importance of perseverance. Between finishing his studies and juggling extra-curricular commitments, he had to learn how to navigate the job market in the midst of a global pandemic, far from his family who were coping with the new reality of Covid-19.

Despite the unrest, in August 2020, Mirko managed to secure a 2-month work experience at Fidelity International, an experience that led to a permanent job offer within the organisation. Today Mirko is a Manager in HR Regulatory Operations.

‘I manage different accountability regimes and make sure regulatory requirements are being abided by from a fitness and propriety perspective. A lot of what I do relates to ethics, fair practices, knowledge, and competence.’

‘I work with people from all over the world. A BSc in International Business equipped me to recognise cultural differences and tailor my communication style and ways of working to achieve a common purpose. I feel I am a step ahead.’

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