Most Influential Filipina Woman in the World Award

Ireene Cancio Leoncio, PhD researcher at the University of Kent awarded for the Most Influential Filipina Woman in the World Award.

The annual Filipina Leadership Global Summit brings together some of the top and most influential Filipina women business owners and professionals from around the globe to create a networking pipeline through reciprocal relationships. The speakers chosen for the summit are all at the top of their game sharing their experiences and insights on how they became successful, how they turned their success into significant work and what it means to be relevant to society as an influential woman in today’s business world.

The summit raises funds for the Filipina Women’s Network’s (FWN) programmes to raise awareness of FWN’s pipeline development of qualified next generation leaders to increase the odds that some will rise to the “CEO-suite” position, ensuring Filipina women can be part of  the decisions and policies made that impact the lives of women and families.

Ms Leoncio was offered this recognition whilst studying for her PhD at Kent Business School (KBS). Her recognition hasn’t gone unnoticed as her research team within the KBS department was very much at the forefront of this accolade expressed Leoncio:

“I am humbled by the great supervision of my PhD mentor, Ben Lowe…I am grateful for the care of the research team of KBS Jessica, Tracey and Tom.”

The Global FWN100 Award™ recognises 100 women of Philippine ancestry who are changing the face of leadership in the global workplace, having reached status for outstanding work in their respective fields and are recognised for their achievement and contributions to society, femtorship (female mentoring) and legacy.

“The Global FWN100™ women are dynamic entrepreneurs, rising stars under age 35, practitioners, behind-the-scenes leaders, community, government and corporate managers and executives who have moved through the ranks in large organisations, non-profits, and government agencies. They are inspiring examples of women doing extraordinary work who will motivate our youth to become future leaders,” said Marily Mondejar, CEO of the Filipina Women’s Network.

“In our digitally-connected world, to be called an “influencer” is usually associated with one’s number of followers, shares or likes. I obviously do not live up to those social media statistics, but I am glad that this recognition sees the value of influence, in off-line, in-depth and slow burn ways”. – Ireene Leoncio.

The Filipina Leadership Global Summit takes place on 12-17 September 2018 in London, U.K. at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel.

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